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Fragrance Facts: Fragrance Families

Searching for the perfect fragrance is not easy. To make the process of choosing a favourite fragrance for yourself and your loved one less challenging, it is helpful to learn about the fragrance families. 

Fragrance are categorised into scent groups based on a set of core characteristics, this classification is part of the language of scent.The most common families are Floral, Woody, Fresh and Oriental. 

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Floral is one of the most common families. Floral fragrances usually include notes of rose, gardenia, peony, jasmine, and tuberose. The most-adored floral notes are rose and jasmine, both of which have been found at the heart of many floral fragrance. Try Wild Musk as your introduction to this scent family. Florals can be made to be more complex with spicy and warm notes such as Jardin Oud. 

The Wood families include endless fragrance variations such as sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, cedar, agarwood (oud), and cedar. It is common for them to be merged with blends of floral as well. African Odyssey is a great choice from this fragrance family. 

The Fresh families are refreshing, energetic, zesty. They feature oceanic and herby notes that add extra freshness and a bit of earthiness. Fresh scents commonly include mandarin, fig, bergamot, and lemon. They are often reminiscent of herbal and leafy scents for a crisp, uplifting smell. Try Sacred Garden, created with notes of green fig and amber.