Jardin Oud lit candle next to light pink and white roses on a brown background

Gift Guide: Christmas

Have you been confused or not sure what gift your loved ones would appreciate during this period?

The festive season brings an opportunity to present individuals in your life with something they need but not get for themselves, SELF-CARE.

We are here to help!

ALARAN candles not only bring seasonal cheer into the home but they also fill the air with beautiful scents, perfect for a warm and cosy winter setting.  

Go for rustic relaxation with African Odyssey, bright and uplifting with Wild Musk,  Warm and Opulent with Jardin Oud or fresh and intriguing with Sacred Garden. ALARAN Signature collection will help to create the perfect atmosphere. 

Our candles are not only delightful to smell; They can encourage you to slow down, set an intention, and maybe even relax and refocus—something we could all use a little (or a lot) of help with. They make wonderful gifts, pop in stockings or in adult Christmas Eve boxes.

Top Tip: Each candle comes in a reusable black jar that can be up-cycled once empty as a vase or store makeup brushes or pens.