African Odyssey Candle being held up by a hand on a brown background

Top Tips: Best Scents For Autumn

The zing of crisp air and those brilliantly coloured leaves welcomes Autumn finally —and with it Autumn candles that truly conjure the coziness of the season.  

African Odyssey lit candle next to a cigar and crystal cognac decanter on a brown background

Drenched in notes of Leather, Cognac, and Tobacco, African Odyssey candle promises to take you all through autumn and well into winter.

Jardin Oud lit candle on a gold tray next to champagne glass being picked up by a hand on a brown background

Jardin Oud velvet texture of damask rose mixed with oriental Oud enhanced by warm, intense notes of patchouli and sandalwood will take you on an aromatic journey this autumn. 

We use natural wax, which is perfect for the vegans out there and those who simply wish to burn a cleaner candle, and carries a 40-hour burn time. Our candles come in black vessel with gold interior that gives off a comforting warm glow. 

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